UPS - United Parcel Service in Rockford - Locations & Hours

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Name Address Phone
The UPS Store - Rockford 7431 E State St (815) 398-8300
UPS - 1491 S Bell School Building (UPS Drop Box) 1491 S Bell School Rd
UPS - Airport Safety Building (UPS Drop Box) 60 Airport Cir
UPS - Alpine Bank Building (UPS Drop Box) 6838 E State St
UPS - Amcore Bank (UPS Drop Box) 501 7th St
UPS - Amcore Bank (UPS Drop Box) 2500 S Alpine Rd
UPS - Arc Design Resources (UPS Drop Box) 1475 S Perryville Rd
UPS - Brynwood Pak-n-ship (authorized Shipping Outlet) 2599 N Mulford Rd 815-877-0726
UPS - Colonial Village Mall (UPS Drop Box) 1210 S Alpine Rd
UPS - Cornerstone Building (UPS Drop Box) 1 Vantage Pl
UPS - Dickerson Neiman Realotrs (UPS Drop Box) 6277 E Riverside Blvd
UPS - East State Street Antique Mall # 2 (UPS Drop Box) 5301 E State St
UPS - East Wind Ofc Comple (UPS Drop Box) 429 S Phelps Ave
UPS - Edgebrook Tower (UPS Drop Box) 1639 N Alpine Rd
UPS - Elf Serve Drop Box (UPS Drop Box) 6830 Villagreen Vw
UPS - Express Pack & Mail (authorized Shipping Outlet) 3821 E State St 815-397-5707
UPS - First Rockford Group (UPS Drop Box) 7025 Rote Rd
UPS - Freeman Square (UPS Drop Box) 910 2nd Ave
UPS - Holiday Express (UPS Drop Box) 2401 N Main St
UPS - Joseph James Partners Llc (UPS Drop Box) 303 N Main St
UPS - Landstar (UPS Drop Box) 1000 Simpson Rd
UPS - Mailboxes & Parcel Depot (authorized Shipping Outlet) 5411 E State St 815-399-2555
UPS - Midwest Community Bank (UPS Drop Box) 3963 N Perryville Rd
UPS - Mulford Solarian (UPS Drop Box) 461 N Mulford Rd
UPS - Mulford Village Mall (UPS Drop Box) 6116 Mulford Village Dr
UPS - National City Bank (UPS Drop Box) 4615 E State St
UPS - Pavillion Shopping Center (UPS Drop Box) 5913 E Riverside Blvd
UPS - Postal Shoppe Of Cherry Valley (authorized Shipping Outlet) 2205 S Perryville Rd 815-484-0940
UPS - Right Of Way (UPS Drop Box) 2300 23rd Ave
UPS - Rockford Business Center 4604 E. State Street 1-800-475-1484
UPS - Rockford College (UPS Drop Box) 5100 E State St
UPS - Rockford Health System (UPS Drop Box) 3401 N Perryville Rd
UPS - Rockford Title Company (UPS Drop Box) 2820 Mcfarland Rd
UPS - Rockford Trust Bldg (UPS Drop Box) 204 W State St
UPS - Security Title (UPS Drop Box) 187 Buckley Dr
UPS - Self Serve Drop Box (UPS Drop Box) 6833 Stalter Dr
UPS - Self Serve Drop Box (UPS Drop Box) 3600 E State St
UPS - Self Serve Drop Box (UPS Drop Box) 2554 Charles St
UPS - Self Serve Drop Box (UPS Drop Box) 6957 Olde Creek Rd
UPS - Self Serve Drop Box (UPS Drop Box) 421 S Mulford Rd
UPS - Self Serve Drop Box (UPS Drop Box) 3923 E State St
UPS - Self-serve Drop Box (UPS Drop Box) 2730 Eastrock Dr
UPS - Self-serve Drop Box (UPS Drop Box) 3500 Pyramid Dr
UPS - Self-serve Drop Box (UPS Drop Box) 3703 N Main St
UPS - Seoco (UPS Drop Box) 3384 Publishers Dr
UPS - Staffed Location (UPS Customer Center) 3300 Airport Rd 800-742-5877
UPS - State Of Illinois Building (UPS Drop Box) 200 N Wyman St
UPS - Stewart Square (UPS Drop Box) 308 W State St
UPS - Stilman Banc Corp (UPS Drop Box) 8492 E State St
UPS - Stones Pack-n-ship Center (authorized Shipping Outlet) 2530 S Alpine Rd 815-316-1870
UPS - The Postal Shoppe (authorized Shipping Outlet) 1643 N Alpine Rd 815-397-7301
UPS - UPS-rockford (UPS Drop Box) 3300 Airport Dr
UPS - Udl (UPS Drop Box) 1718 Northrock Ct
UPS - Us Bank (UPS Drop Box) 1107 E State St
UPS - Waterside Center (UPS Drop Box) 124 N Water St
UPS - Williams-manny Bldg (UPS Drop Box) 555 S Perryville Rd