All UPS - United Parcel Service Locations in Japan

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United Parcel Service, branded as UPS, is one of the largest shipment and logistics companies in the world, offering a broad range of solutions including transporting packages and freight; facilitating international trade, and deploying advanced technology. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, UPS serves more than 220 countries and territories worldwide. With over 390,000 employees worldwide, UPS delivers 16.9 million packages and documents to 9.4 million customers daily.


Name City Address Phone
MBE Nagoya Fushimi Store in Aichi Aichi Shirakawa #6 Blg 101 052-220-0900
PAKMAIL Nagoya Store in Aichi Aichi 5-1-21, Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, 052-242-8988


Name City Address Phone
MBE Aomori Store Aomori 1-6-7, Tsutsumi-cho, Aomori-shi, 017-732-1552


Name City Address Phone
MBE Chiba Ekimae Store Chiba Tsukamoto Ohchiba Bldg 4F 043-223-6531
MBE Chiba Shisui Store Chiba 1579-29, Sumi Aza Kido, Shisui-machi, Inba-gun, 043-496-1239


Name City Address Phone
MBE Fukuoka Tenjin Chuo Store Fukuoka Fukuoka Chuo Bldg 1F 092-738-9432


Name City Address Phone
MBE Hiroshima Aioibashi Store Hiroshima Honkawa Riverside Bldg 1F 082-209-5111
MBE Hiroshima Kamiyacho Store Hiroshima Prime Kamiyacho Bldg 1F 0120-834-024


Name City Address Phone
MBE Sapporo Ekimae-Dori Store in Hokkaido Hokkaido Hulic Sapporo North33 Bldg 1F 0120-785-024


Name City Address Phone
PAKMAIL Amagasaki Store in Hyogo Hyogo 3-2-28, Kitashinmachi, Kuise, 06-6483-5589


Name City Address Phone
MBE Kagoshima Nanei Store Kagoshima 6-1-15-1F, Nanei, Kagoshima-shi, 099-263-6065


Name City Address Phone
MBE Kyoto Karasuma Takatsuji Store Kyoto Karasuma City Core Bldg 1F 075-351-0070


Name City Address Phone
MBE Sendai Ichiban-cho Store in Miyagi Miyagi Sendai NS Bldg 1F 0120-533-024


Name City Address Phone
MBE 9in Takamatsu Honten Store in Oita Oita 3-3-10, Takamatsu-higashi, Oita-shi, 097-558-8585


Name City Address Phone
MBE Osaka Sakoo Store Osaka Shinanobashi Mitsui Bldg 1F 0120-240-380
PAKMAIL Osaka Esaka Store Osaka 1-23-17, Esaka-cho, Suita-shi, 06-6330-8988
UPS Express Center Osaka Osaka UPS Japan Co., Ltd. Osaka Center 0120-27-1040


Name City Address Phone
MBE Shizuoka Kusanagi Store Shizuoka 1-14-10-B, Kusanagi, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-shi, 054-344-1010


Name City Address Phone
MBE Utsunomiya Store in Tochigi Tochigi Daifuku Bldg 1F 028-614-3810


Name City Address Phone
MBE 246 Komazawa Store in Tokyo Tokyo Kamiuma Central Bldg 1F 03-3418-2033
MBE Akihabara UDX Bldg Store in Tokyo Tokyo Akihabara UDX Bldg 5F 03-5298-1600
MBE Atago Green Hills Store in Tokyo Tokyo Atago Green Hills Mori Tower 1F 03-3431-6033
MBE Atlas Tower Nishi-shinjuku Store in Tokyo Tokyo N.Y.T. Atlas Tower Nishi-Shinjuku 1F 03-5322-7088
MBE Ebisu Garden Place Store in Tokyo Tokyo Ebisu Garden Place Tower 1F 03-5791-2077
MBE Ebisu Prime Square Store in Tokyo Tokyo Ebisu Prime Square 1F 03-5468-5236
MBE Higashi-Nihonbashi Store in Tokyo Tokyo Sanko Nihonbashi Plaza Bldg 1F 03-5833-3721
MBE Higashi-shinjuku Store in Tokyo Tokyo Meiji Dori Bldg 2F 03-5155-2775
MBE Kioicho Store in Tokyo Tokyo 3-28, Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, 03-3264-2221
MBE Nihonbashi Muromachi Store in Tokyo Tokyo Yanagiya Taiyo Bldg 1F 03-3516-0222
MBE Ningyocho Store in Tokyo Tokyo Ningyocho Tatsumi Bldg 1F 03-5623-1552
MBE Nishi-shinjuku Oak Tower Store in Tokyo Tokyo Shinjuku Oak Tower 2F 03-5321-9121
MBE Pedi Shiodome Store in Tokyo Tokyo Tokyo Shidome Building B1F 03-6274-5001
MBE Shinjuku Monoris Store in Tokyo Tokyo Shinjuku Monoris Blg B1F 03-5908-1688
MBE Sunshine 60 Store in Tokyo Tokyo Sunshine 60 Bldg 1F 03-5911-1050
MBE Tamachi-eki Nishiguchi Store in Tokyo Tokyo TB Tamachi Blg 1F 03-5439-9708
MBE Tameike Sanno Store in Tokyo Tokyo Akasaka Kurokawa Bldg 1F 03-5545-4222
MBE Tokyo Nishi-Shinjuku Store Tokyo Takarazuka University of Art and Design Tokyo Campus Bldg 1F 0120-766-024
MBE Wanza Ariake Store in Tokyo Tokyo TFT Bldg 1F 03-5530-0351
Office24 MBE Yurakucho Ekimae Store in Tokyo Tokyo Yurakucho Bldg B1F 03-5208-1730
UPS Express Center Otemachi in Tokyo Tokyo UPS Japan Co., Ltd. Otemachi Center 0120-27-1040